• Museum exterior from South Tryon Street featuring Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #995|© 2009 The LeWitt Estate / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
  • 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫ing column and bottom of cantilevered Fourth floor
  • Museum entrance and signage
  • Museum atrium featuring Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #995|© 2009 The LeWitt Estate / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
  • Fourth floor gallery skylights


The Bechtler Museum of 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫 Art is one of 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫’s most inspired and inspiring spaces. Designed by the eminent Swiss architect Mario 注册永利皇宫, the museum’s architecture displays a sculptural power that connects to the dynamic art inside it.

A key design element of the four-story structure is the soaring glass atrium that extends through the museum’s core and diffuses natural light throughout the building. The open atrium allows for visual interplay between spaces. Other notable features include a vaulted skylight system and an enveloping terra cotta exterior.

The building’s dominant feature is the fourth floor gallery which makes a bold and dramatic statement as it flies out from the core of the building, cantilevered and supported by a swelling column rising from the plaza below. Inside, 注册永利皇宫 maintained a rigorous but elegant simplicity in the palette of materials which include steel, glass, terra cotta, black granite, polished concrete and wood. 注册永利皇宫 also designed select pieces of furniture for the museum including the reception desk, café bar, gallery benches and hanging globe lights.

The Architect

Mario 1


Mario 2



Swiss master architect Mario 注册永利皇宫 is world renowned for his minimalist style and use of traditional materials such as brick and stone. His buildings respect topographical conditions, regional factors and building materials. The Bechtler Museum of 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫 Art reflects 注册永利皇宫’s flair for strong, contemporary structures that layer colors, textures and materials. Exercising his modernist viewpoint, 注册永利皇宫 designed the Bechtler to not only stand apart as a unique contribution to the urban landscape, but also to serve as a strong aesthetic partner among a group of individual design statements. 注册永利皇宫 is considered one of the world’s foremost architects whose career spans a variety of building types. He has accepted only two commissions in the United States: the San Francisco Museum of 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫 Art and the Bechtler Museum of 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫 Art – iconic structures that enhance each cityscape.


  • Monday10am - 5pm
  • TuesdayClosed
  • Wednesday10am - 5pm
  • Thursday10am - 5pm
  • Friday10am - 5pm
  • Saturday10am - 5pm
  • Sunday12pm - 5pm


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ex © 2021 Bechtler Museum of 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫 Art All images and content copyright. All rights reserved. Credits: Design: MODE. Artwork Photography: JoAnn Sieburg-Baker, David Ramsey General Photography: Eric Bahrs, Mitchell Kearney, Gary O'Brien, Nancy Pierce, Maxim Vakhovskiy Copywriting: Pam Davis 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫 Skyline Photo: courtesy of Visit 注册注册永利皇宫皇宫 School of Paris: John Boyer (Copy), MODE (Design)
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